The cruiser of the Pacific Fleet Varyag struck at the ships of the conventional enemy

The cruiser of the Pacific Fleet Varyag struck at the ships of the conventional enemy

The Guards missile cruiser of the Pacific Fleet Varyag struck a missile strike on the ships of the conventional enemy in the framework of the exercises.

"Today, on the Guards missile cruiser Varyag, a training exercise was carried out to strike a missile attack by the main complex on the grouping of conventional enemy ships, during which the algorithm of the crew's actions in the use of missile weapons was worked out," the official representative of the Pacific Fleet, Nikolai Voskresensky, said on Monday.

According to TASS, the training took place with the participation of anti-submarine aircraft Il-38N, which simulated the forces of the conventional enemy.

Together with the cruiser Varyag, other ships of the Pacific Fleet also solved the problem at sea.

In particular, the small missile ship "Metel", missile boats "R-14" and "R-18" played a counter sea battle and improved the tasks of air defense.

The large assault ship "Oslyabya" fired artillery fire at the air target, and also discovered and destroyed with artillery fire the sea floating "mine".

It is planned that the cruiser Varyag during the exercise will also perform radio-electronic jamming, and when working out tasks to protect and defend the ship in an unprotected raid, it will make preventive grenade launchering.

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