17-year-old world champion in powerlifting Chuguevka preparing for new records.

17-year-old world champion in powerlifting Chuguevka preparing for new records.

In Chuguyevka in the school of a name of Fadeeva learns an unusual student. His track record of awards will impress anyone....
The lesson of literature end up dismantling "the Quiet don" Sholokhov. In the first row, the window on the "Kamchatka" - quite an ordinary schoolboy. But they are proud of the whole school, seek help. Most often, the current world champion in powerlifting is asked to move something.
Elvira Kushnerik, Director of secondary school named after Alexander Fadeyev: "Well, the Desk, for example: "Cyril! Help us!"Well has time, 4 and 5! Participates in all activities, active life position".
After school with the world champion right home. To study the premium list Cyril.
Tatiana Velichko, grandmother of the world champion in powerlifting: "Grandson as grandson, like all children. The conditions he set, so that the sport is not at odds with the school. He went to see and got carried away."
Kirill Borovkov, a resident of Chuguevka, world champion in powerlifting: "this is the first time I went to the Far East championship. Powerlifting includes triathlon. This is a squat with a barbell, press the barbell lying on the bench and deadlift. In all disciplines I became the first. Here's my master of sports certificate. After 4 months I decided to go to the world Cup in Kursk. And it turned out that I became the absolute world champion".

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