Primorye Education. Points of growth.

Primorye Education. Points of growth.

Lessons for pleasure, orientation to the future profession, or simply a way to take a child. The reasons for after-school training can be very different. But one way or another, today in the province, almost 155,000 schoolchildren have already chosen their direction for the soul. And if earlier at the peak of popularity there were art circles and sports sections, now their niche is actively seeking to take up technical creativity.
Technical direction is the priority. Throughout the country, quantum laboratories and technology parks are being created. Our land has merged into the general trend. Today, robotics is developing in Primorye. How to teach children to talk in a virtual language and collect the future, will tell the head of the Robotics Development Center -Sergei Moon.

Primorsky Territory - the sea shots. Today, from the school bench, you can grow not only engineers and programmers. Future captains and shipbuilders are brought up at the Maritime State University named after Nevelskoy. The university revives the tradition-turned to the set of the Jung School. The pilot set is already done.

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