The regional stage of the All-Russian game "Zarnitsa" was held in Primorye

The regional stage  of the All-Russian game

On the shore of the Amur Bay, in the village of the Ninth Val, the youth of the seaside experienced themselves in the game "Zarnitsa". The revival of the once-super-popular Soviet project showed the strength and at the same time a certain weakness in the military sports training of non-core universities and the most ordinary schools.
Teams on a fast solemn start. And you do not have time to consider how modern lighters look. Only desperate assurance comes to my eyes.
Ilya Simonaitis, team of the Students' Corps of Rescuers of the FEFU: "We have a good mood, here we are photographed, and we believe in the victory".
Vladislav Sokurenko, the team of the Students' Corps of Rescuers FEFU: "On the old" Zarnitsa "heard how the best of the best at the fees went. And the tests were almost the same. "
Open "Zarnitsa" drill training. The main thing here is not to confuse the parties and not to strain, when you sing, walking in the leg. The future military commanders of his "Varyag" drag out the second attempt. But the girls from the body of rescuers boldly slap in puddles.

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