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It lives in the Primorye Territory , and it is a very beautiful ungulate animal - the wapiti. It simply amazes with his grace and article, so he is also called - the noble deer. The wapiti has an amazing coloring. In summer, its color is reddish, and in winter the red deer becomes silvery-gray. In the cold season, a light summer dress is replaced by a dense fur coat, and on the neck the length of the fur can reach six centimeters, forming a kind of mane.

Horns of wapiti decorate his head like a crown. Every year, the deer wilt its horns and they grow back every year. The older the deer, the more luxurious its horns. But to old age, they begin to lose their former beauty and the number of branches.

Izyub - beast sensitive and cautious, and even cunning. He is perfectly developed sense of smell, sight and hearing. According to hunters, a noble deer notices a person from afar. But there comes a time when all these qualities are somewhat dulled. This happens during the rut. During this period, reindeer can easily fall prey to a predator or a hunter.

In Ussuri taiga fodder in the wapiti is abundant. They eat all kinds of herbs, leaves and twigs of various trees and shrubs. They also rip off and eat the bark, pick up mushrooms, berries, acorns, nuts and other fruits. The winter menu of red deer is mainly branches and bark of trees, sometimes pine needles, lichens. Unlike the spotted deer, which tramples the entire forage base, the deer wort very carefully treats its fodder. Like other ungulates, the wapiti do not have enough minerals, especially sodium, so they visit solonetses.

Once in the seaside and Amur forests the wapiti was widely spread. The beast was mined in huge quantities at any time of the year. In the wapiti, almost everything was valued, but the most expensive were the antlers - these are the horns in the period of their growth. Having obtained and sold good pantas, the hunter ensured the existence of his family for almost a year. Only a strict prohibition of hunting in the 30s of the last century allowed to gradually increase the number of noble deer. They live a wapiti for about 20 years.

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