The second festival of the national cultures “Meridian of friendship” was held in Vladivostok

The second festival of the national cultures “Meridian of friendship” was held in Vladivostok

Multinational Primorie. The festival "Meridian of Friendship" brought together Russians, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Koreans, Tatars. On the embankment of the Sports Harbor of Vladivostok, they unfurled tents with refreshments. And all the polygamy of Primorie could be heard at the big concert of the festival.

Hot gypsy motifs, melodic tunes of Belarusians, Armenian Shalaho and Russian dance.

Nikita and Alexey Ignatenko, soloists of the "Ozorniki" ensemble: "We played on the harp - this is an ancient Russian folk instrument. We also play on the fly, on the ocarina. "

Ukrainian vareniki, Uzbek samsa, Azerbaijani king-pilaf and German pies - a variety of tastes and unity of hospitality and hospitality of the hosts.

Vladivostok - for the second time becomes the venue of the festival "Meridian of Friendship".

Konstantin Loboda, first deputy head of the administration of Vladivostok: "I am glad that we have such platform, and I hope that this festival will become traditional."

Here dozens of diasporas open their doors to the world of cultural heritage. National costumes, souvenirs, joint games and traditional competitions - bring peoples together.

158 nationalities now live in Primorie. And this is the history of the region and its wealth.

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