Cities of Primorye may become a site for the cyber tournament « Games of the Future-2023 »

Cities of Primorye may become a site for the cyber tournament « Games of the Future-2023 »

Applications acceptance from cities that can become organizers of the international tournament on innovative technological sports "Games of the Future - 2023" has started.

The competition will be held in one or more cities of Russia. The main selection criterion is the availability of sports facilities, concert halls, exhibition halls and open spaces that can be adapted to host a themed tournament, capable of hosting at least 300,000 participants and spectators.

In Primorye cybersport is developing rapidly. Children of all ages are engaged in robotics, programming clubs and work with virtual and augmented reality. Cyber-sports organizations are created for young people at universities, that unite like-minded students.

One example is the « Penguin » student cybersports organization, based at FEFU. According to the athletes, cyber games are just like other sports we are used to. In cybersports there are also grueling training, competitions, victories and defeats.

The students are sure that Vladivostok can become a venue for tournaments of different levels.

Every year cybersports are gaining more and more fans, with millions of people all over the world watching the game competitions. 

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