New embankment on Vtoraya Rechka is becoming popular in Vladivostok

New embankment on Vtoraya Rechka is becoming popular in Vladivostok

The first phase of improvement of the embankment in the area of Vtoraya Rechka has been completed in Vladivostok. A pedestrian zone was arranged there, the lighting was installed, as well as small architectural forms and a sports ground, the landscaping has been carried out. This area will be further developed next year, but Vladivostok's residents and guests have already been pleased with the new recreation area.

It should be noted that the design of the embankment on the Vtoraya Rechka was based on the natural image of the territory and its history - in 1930s there was a military airfield, and Russkaya Street itself was a runway. In 1960, according to the new general plan, this area was given for a new residential neighbourhood.

The seashore has become the place to go for a walk. The survey showed that the citizens consider this area for a more diverse pastime, but not too noisy and active.

On this basis the area was divided into several functional zones: an entrance group where parking, jogging and bicycle routes are located. Next there is a walking zone and a beach. The sport area is equipped with a work-out space and training equipment. The works will be continued next year.

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