The garden of Red Book plants has appeared on the craggy hill of Vladivostok

The garden of Red Book plants has appeared on the craggy hill of Vladivostok

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Employees of the geographical society, mountain-climbers and ordinary citizens decided to create an unusual place in Vladivostok. In the year of ecology the craggy hill was turned into an oasis of the Red Book plants.

Dozens of Vladivostok city residents gathered on the Burachkha Hill to clean the slopes off of the rubbish and make a real garden on a sheer cliffs.

Ten years ago Georgy Trusenev went up this hill for the first time. All alone he I took out all the garbage and planted rare trees. Every plant here is his offspring. He gives names of his relatives to the birches, pines and aspens, he planted.

Now not only residents of the nearest houses come here to take a walk. One of the highest places of the capital of Primorsky region attracts Vladivostok residents. The citizens decided to change the look of the bald hill. This spring mountain-climbers came to help.

Ruslan Tia Shen Ting is into sports tourism for already ten years, but this is his first trees planting at a height.

Vladivostok city nursery garden provided the saplings. All the saplings have been chosen with due consideration of the terrain, as well as windy weather on the hill.

Yuri Shcherbak, one of the participants of garden creation event: "This is our local pine. It grows very well in our climate. But we also need to take care of it, plant it well and pour in time. "

A living fence of coniferous trees is a new showplace of Vladivostok.

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