Olga Lukinets is ready to create a folk Russian costume museum in Vladivostok

Olga Lukinets is ready to create a folk Russian costume museum in Vladivostok

The recently opened folk costume exhibition in Vavilovo mansion has got a huge success. People are already wondering if there is ever going to be a folk Russian costume museum in the city. The author of the exhibition is ready to create a museum that can become a new attraction of Vladivostok. 

The dolls in folk costumes first appeared in the beginning of the 90s in «Nostalgia» salon. Back at the time, it was considered almost as a museum of folk attire. Foreign and Russian tourists admired the wonderful and diverse creations of the local masters. 

Everything that could only be seen in rare books is now being reborn with the help of Tamara Vavilova, the owner of the manor, and designer and painter Olga Lukinets. 

Unique doll collection and historical costumes are now being presented in Vavilovo manor. The exhibition is opened until April 12. 

The master’s collection is normally kept at her house, only leaving the place for special occasions. The creation of the museum could have given the dolls an opportunity to be displayed every day. 


News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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