Tourists from Primorye will be able to see rocket launch from the Vostochny space center

Tourists from Primorye will be able to see rocket launch from the Vostochny space center

Primorye and Siberia residents entered the tourist group, which will be able to see the launch of the Soyuz-2.1b vehicle from Vostochny cosmodrome on 5th of July.

The observation deck is equipped in the area of the "Industrial" station and is located about four km from the launch pad. It is noted that there are a lot of applications from those who want to watch the launch from the Amur cosmodrome. Approval of a visit this place takes time and documents must be submitted at least one month before you want to come.

This year they will take 25 people. Tourists will come from Irkutsk and Vladivostok. The group also included local residents. In addition to visiting the cosmodrome main, they will make a tour with the history of the Amur Region.

Tourists also actively attend inter-launch programs, within which they are introduced to the work of the technical complex (designed to prepare before launch), the assembly and test body of the launch vehicles and the assembly and test body of the spacecraft. Also, the route includes the launch complex, where the main object for tourists is a mobile service tower with a height of more than fifty meters. There are no similar equipment at the Plesetsk and Baikonur cosmodromes.

The launch of the Soyuz-2.1b rocket carrier with the RB Fregat, the Russian meteorological satellite Meteor-M No. 2-2 and payload (satellites of 11 countries) is planed for 5th of  July. The rocket is already installed on the launch pad.

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