Vladivostok hosted the regional conference "Business by the sea". Video Footage Of Alexandra Bridge

Vladivostok hosted the regional conference

Vladivostok hosted the regional conference "Business by the sea". This year it United more than 700 entrepreneurs from all over the region. On the main topics of discussion and what surprised the participants of the business program of the forum - more.

This platform is for an open dialogue between the government and business. The entrepreneurs of Primorye talked with the head of the region about what worries them. Participants could ask their questions to Oleg Kozhemyako directly at the plenary session. One of the main topics of discussion is business development in the region.

Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of Primorsky Krai: "We, as promised to entrepreneurs, have somewhat expanded support measures for entrepreneurship, and in the budget laid not 650, but 740 million rubles plus we additionally allocated funds for the modernization of mining production."

To start your own business is not important neither sex nor age — only desire. Entrepreneur Larisa Butenko breaks stereotypes. At a photo exhibition dedicated to business with a woman, she and her colleagues present business projects.

Larisa Butenko, entrepreneur: "I would Like more support measures for women entrepreneurs, they are not yet, but we expect that they will appear, I know that work in this direction is already underway, and we have not long to wait."

We also talked about global topics: how to improve the business strategy of Primorye and create new export trends. The hottest part of the discussion was an open conversation with the Prosecutor. This section was visited by the most participants. Entrepreneurs received answers to the most pressing questions. These are: administrative barriers in the provision of state and municipal services, as well as illegal criminal prosecution of business owners.

Sergey Dmitrienko, Deputy Director of the Department of economy and entrepreneurship of Primorsky Krai: "it is Very interesting to have an opportunity to come and talk about their problems, so that they are taken under control. It is important to hold such events in order to find contacts, to be heard by the authorities, and, accordingly, to present yourself."

Today, the region is more than 90 thousand enterprises of small and average business. And their number continues to grow. This year we launched a state of the microcredit organization. You can apply for a loan on preferential terms directly at the conference.

Konstantin Bogdanenko, acting Vice-Governor: "We, as promised, launched a micro-credit organization, it began to work from the end of April, for entrepreneurs — it is an opportunity to apply for a preferential loan, with it, under very good conditions, up to 4 % for the loan."

Questions of participants will not leave without attention. They will take control of the regional departments. The organizers strive to make such meetings effective. And the first step to change is additional support measures for business. It is planned to introduce them in the region in the near future.

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