In the seaside Oceanarium made a second attempt to open the touchpool.

In the seaside Oceanarium made a second attempt to open the touchpool.

In Primorsky Oceanarium second time opened Tacul. This is a contact aquarium. Here residents and guests of Vladivostok can touch the sea stars, hedgehogs, scallops and coastal crabs. However, there are those who are trying to test the strength of marine animals, crabs torn claws and shellfish — tentacles.

Alexandra Mostovaya, journalist: "In tadpole settled sea stars. Here, guests of the aquarium can look at the inhabitants of the far Eastern seas, and even touch, but gently. However, some stretches trying to see starfish or not, what to do absolutely not."

The first contact aquarium in the aquarium was opened in the autumn of 2016. But then he has not worked for months. It fell into disrepair because of the barbarity of the people. Dead marine animals, the staff found in the different exposures.

Victoria Belotserkovets, head of the Department of hydrobionts of the far Eastern seas of the Primorsky Oceanarium: "People did not understand that these are living creatures, that it is not necessary to tear off the tentacles, crab paws, that it is not necessary to carry all this to the Oceanarium, we had a negative experience when we found in other expositions a star, a hedgehog."

Such cases are not uncommon now. If the sea animals are trying to hurt people— stop staff. They're on duty right next to the touchpool. There is a sign with the rules. But this sometimes does not save.

Newshadow Olga, the visitor of the seaside aquarium: "It is our primitive: to touch, feel, pull, I'm exaggerating, of course, but the fact remains a fact. Eyes look, but you can feel the hand down, here allowed, but it's still their world, and we just came to see."

Eight-line rasp, Japanese cucumaria, trepang, flounder, perch – more than 20 species of fish and invertebrates. Touching them is forbidden. But those who wish can feed them octopus.

- How is the feeding process?

Elizabeth Guskova, biologist: "Fit children, I propose to feed the marine life, they wear gloves, and give fresh squid."

The aquarium hopes: it will not be necessary to close the contact aquarium for the second time, because it was opened as a gift to residents and guests of Vladivostok. Employees are asked to take care of marine animals. After all, they, like man, living beings.

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