Nutritionists talk about a new threat to millions of Russians

Nutritionists talk about a new threat to millions of Russians

The number of overweight people in Russia has almost doubled in the last 30 years. The availability and diversity of products is increasing, while physical activity has been reduced to a minimum. As a result, says the chief freelance nutritionist of the Ministry of health of Russia Viktor Tutelyan, 55 percent of the population in Russia now live overweight, a quarter of them are obese.
Women living with obesity are about 10 per cent more likely than men. Childhood obesity is also growing — and this is a trigger that triggers such dangerous diseases as metabolic syndrome and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, hypertension and others.

According to statistics, the main cause of death in our country — cardiovascular disease. In second place is cancer, with some types of cancer has been directly linked to obesity.
In the Soviet Union, Tutelyan told Interfax, there were much fewer overweight people, almost half of them – 20-25 percent. There are many reasons, but the first and main — physical activity fell. Previously, people walked more, walked, washed by hand, water was carried from the well, actively engaged in sports and physical education, the state supported it. Now much less move "help" Elevator, car, washing machine, Internet.
As a result, the energy consumption of Russians fell dramatically — by about 1200 kilocalories. Now, if people do not play sports, women burn a maximum of 1800-2000, men – 2300 kilocalories per day. There are all used to a lot, which contributes to the availability of delicious food.
Energy value, caloric intake needs to meet our Energoatom, says Victor tutelian. Balance is the simplest and most necessary to maintain health.
The chemical composition of the diet should meet our physiological needs for nutrients. With food, a person needs to constantly receive more than 100 chemical compounds, of which 50 are indispensable.
From a diet of two thousand kilocalories, consisting of traditional products, just do not get, says Tutelyan: even if you take the best products, still 20 percent vitamin deficiency is provided.
One of the solutions is genetically modified food sources, says the nutritionist. In Russia, the production of GMOs is prohibited, but we have the most stringent safety assessments of GMOs. The products that are allowed in Russia are absolutely safe for us and future generations. We have only 17 types of such products, including corn, soybeans and potatoes.
Drinking vitamins nutritionist advises throughout life, referring to the experience of other countries. You can choose any — if only they were affordable.
"Read the instructions, follow the recommendations, consult a doctor, — Tutelyan advises. — No harm will come from them. The benefit is 100 percent."
Despite any diet a person begins to think about food, about how the body functions, to monitor their weight, which is useful primarily tutelian recommends a varied and balanced diet. If you want to follow some restrictive diets, you should consult a doctor.
Vegetarian nutritionist is normal, but urges not to forget about the compliance of the chemical composition of food to our physiological needs. Ordinary plant food — potatoes, carrots, cabbage — does not contain everything we need, and a person will have a shortage of many necessary substances. Legumes and soybeans are the closest in amino acid composition to products of animal origin.
Fasting days a nutritionist is good, but opposes a full and prolonged fasting. According to him, for the first 48 hours out all glycogen, carbohydrate: are losing muscle tissue and liver, then due to protein deficiency begin to break their own proteins, especially muscle tissue. The person is exhausted and begins to eat himself — there is a reutilization of own proteins, fats, carbohydrates.
Not harmful, in his opinion, the period of fasting in one day, provided the use of water. It is also undesirable to give up fruits, nuts and dairy products.

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