Competitions on the virtual boats were held in FEFU

Competitions on the virtual boats were held in FEFU

Competitions on the virtual boats.

150 athletes, four distances and one indoor playground in Far Eastern Federal University.

The open row Indoor Cup this year has become an anniversary.

The slogan of the rowers is "Work in full force and never give up!"

Although the competitions are held on the floor, instead of academic boats are simulators.

This is a special kind of rowing - indore.

Discipline, which became the official sport in the 2015th.

The concept imitates movement on the water, so the people called it a landboat.

By the way the youngest sportsmen is only seven. One and two thousand for professionals.

Starting position is the same - sitting. From here there is no load on the joints and knees.

Therefore, rowing indoors is suitable even for people with disabilities.

And there is a chance, because the main thing here is endurance and strength of character.

the Next year the team of the Federal University has high changes. Athletes plan to enter the student league and perform at the national level.

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