Tourists from western part of Russia finally "see" Primorsky region as a resort.

Tourists from western part of Russia finally

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Tourist season begins in Primorsky region. And this year the geography of the tourists who decided to spend their holidays in Primorsky Territory expanded considerably. With growing number of tourists enlarged their purchasing activity. Business, of course, quickly responded and recreation zone in Primorsky region began to acquire the features of civilized one.

Population of Adreevka grows together with the air and sea temperature. It is relatively quiet here and still possible to find comfortable spot. One of the tourists from Kostroma says: the Black Sea is certainly closer to us, but you literally have to fight for a place under the sun.

Natalia Moiseenko, tourist from Kostroma: "Nature is amazing here. Shrimps and crabs are tasty. Rest is just wonderful! ".

Indeed, tourists from the western part of Russia finally noticed Far East. Money exchange rate has increased, many popular resorts, such as Turkey and Egypt, happened to be in dangerous zone, and if we talk about Crimea or Sochi, almost all trip tickets were sold out during the winter.

Yuriy Khabarov, the first deputy director of one of local resorts, said:  Tourists’ flow has increased, people from Trans-Baikal Territory, Chita, Irkutsk started to come here to spend their vacation. We have got a call from Moscow, they have already made a booking. Last year, tourists from Moscow already came here, and it seems that they liked it here”.

Russian tourists are getting more and more demanding, so businesses have to meet with the growing demands.

Recreation zone in Primorsky region began to acquire the features of civilized one. It is possible to rent a room with all amenities - TVset and fridge. Such rooms are of the same level as two- or three-star hotel’s rooms in Turkey or Thailand.

Due to high demand, rent prices also grow. For example, a room during mellow season will cost about 5,000 rubles a day. Houses without facilities, of course, cheaper, their rent would be about 2-3 thousands rubles a day. Actually, if spending your holiday in Andreyevka, you have to spend a lot less money, than on foreign resorts. However, not all people come to Primorsky region solely by economic reasons.

It is ok to go to Thailand when the sea is cold here, but in the summer it is better to spend holidays here - in Russia.


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