10 babies were born in Primorye on New Year's Eve

10 babies were born in Primorye on New Year's Eve

Eight boys and two girls were born from December 31 to January 1 in Primorye, report "Vesti: Primorye" with reference to the Department of Health Primorsky Krai.

The first child, who was born on January 1, 2019 in Primorye, was a boy. The baby was born at 00:15 in the obstetric department of Khorol central district hospital. The weight of the newborn - 3840 grams, height - 56 centimeters. The boy, whose name was not yet invented by his parents, became the second child of a 27-year-old mother.

The first baby, born in Vladivostok, also became a boy. He was born in the walls of the regional perinatal center at 00.37.

“A boy weighing 3,400 grams and growing 54 centimeters was born naturally. Both mom and son feel good. This is the second child in the family, ”noted in the institution.

At 08:15 a boy was born in the Oktyabrsky district. He is the second child in the family. Its weight is 3520 grams, height - 54 centimeters.

The girls were born on January 1 in two coastal cities - Ussuriysk and Nakhodka. The first was born at 05:00 a little resident of Ussuriysk. The girl became the second child in the family. Julia was born in Nakhodka, as her parents named their daughter. Baby was the third girl at the 38-year-old mother.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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