In Vladivostok was born a giant baby

In Vladivostok was born a giant baby

Obstetricians of maternity home № 3 of Vladivostok helped to appear in the light of a small hero. The kid, whose weight is well over 5 kg, was born in the institution today, on February 12. "Vesti Primorye" reported this with reference to the press service of the medical institution.
As Svetlana Sagaydachnaya, head physician of the Vladivostok Clinical Maternity Hospital No. 3, told the KGBHU, the boy was born at 2:44 pm as a result of a "cesarean section." The decision to conduct the operation was also made because of the position of the fetus that was in the pelvic presentation and its anatomical features. Even during pregnancy mothers experts predicted the birth of her little giant. As a result, the weight of the baby was 5 kg 380 grams, and height - 58 cm. Such physical data corresponds to 1.5 months of child development.

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