The program "I have a right" by 15th June 2016

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Hello! In the air is special TV project GTRK "Vladivostok" program "I have the right. I am Anastasia Zemlyanskaya today will tell you about the most important law and regulations of the authorities, which were adopted in the second quarter of this year and ensure the rights of citizens, residents of Primorsky Region in various fields.


The 2nd of the May the President of Russia signed a law about the free allocation of land for the territory of the Russian Far East Federal District Federation citizens. The 4th of the May, the Kremlin head of the presidential envoy and Minister of State of the Far East have reported about the details.


So, Alexander Galushka said that the free provision of land plots starting from 1st of June  this year in nine municipalities of the nine regions, for all residents of the Far East in all regions of the county, this process will begin on 1st of October and from 1st of February. The first five years have the right to gratuitous use. If during this time section is mastered, it will be possible to issue it for free in the property.

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