Southern cyclone approaching Primorye

Southern cyclone approaching Primorye

Today, November 8, the anticyclone will continue to influence the eastern half of the region, the weather will continue without precipitation. And to the south and west of Primorye, the frontal sections of the southern cyclone, rising from the south of the Yellow Sea to the Korean peninsula, will approach, in the afternoon rains will begin there. The day will be a little warmer than the previous one, it will be + 7 ... + 12 ° С.

According to Primgidromet, in the coming days Primorye will be at the mercy of the southern cyclone. At night, he will cross the Korean Peninsula, and in the afternoon he will go to the northwest of the Sea of Japan and further to the territory of the Primorsky Territory. In most parts of the region, heavy precipitations are expected (rain, sleet) with an amount of 15–45 mm, in some places very strong with an amount of 50 mm or more in 12 hours or less. Thunderstorm and icy phenomena are expected in some areas. In some places in the continental part of the region and on the coast the wind will intensify, gusts at capes can reach 25–28 m / s. In this regard, a storm warning was announced in Primorye.

At night, the temperature background will continue to increase, and daytime temperatures with dense clouds will not exceed + 3 ... + 10 ° С.

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