Sailing festival on the Amur Bay attracted young yachtsmen from all over the Far East

Sailing festival on the Amur Bay attracted young yachtsmen from all over the Far East

In the Amur Bay is the 18th interregional sailing festival. More than three hundred yachtsmen from all over the Far East take part in the competition. Today in the water area of the race in youth nominations.

The speed of the yacht, and hence the victory, depend not only on the strength of the wind, but also on the correct settings and controls. Even children approach the matter seriously. Ksenia Kozlova, from the port of Vanino, herself equips a dinghy.

Ksenia Kozlova, yachtsman: "This means preparing the boat for the race. Well, put the sail, rope there tied, all sorts of vyazochki. "

150 participants. The youngest is 9 years old. There are newcomers and hereditary yachtsmen. Ilya Soloveichik was carried away by sail, after his father. For four years he is in beautiful sport and, it seems, is not afraid of the sea.

Ilya Soloveichik, yachtsman: "When you roll over, it's not scary, on the contrary, even - it's fun sometimes."

Mikhail Ermakov, yachtsman: "The sea, waves, speed. Sailing is very cool. "

In wetsuits, lifejackets - with the help of comrades, the Far Easterners are launching yachts onto the water.

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