A quest for swimmers will take place in Vladivostok

A quest for swimmers will take place in Vladivostok

At July 14th  in Vladivostok, a quest will take place along the route "Skrypleva Island - Primorsky Oceanarium", half the distance of which runs through the shallow waters with the picturesque sea bottom of the Sea of Japan.

The first such swim took place in 2017. Then the underwater hunters of the Far Eastern club "Sharkfin" became the first swimmers in history, swam from the island of Skrypleva to the Russian island. Now anyone who has sufficient training and equipment can join them and try their hand at swimming in open water in an organized manner. The safety of all swimmers is provided by an experienced team on several boats in conjunction with the GIMS EMERCOM of Russia in Primorsky Krai, Vesti: Primorye reports with reference to sportprimorye.ru.

The distance of the swim "Skrypleva Island" is 3 kilometers. There is one absolute set-off for all, so the rewards will go only to the top three. And each participant, regardless of the result, will receive a commemorative medal of the "Skryplev Island".

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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