"Primorye - 80! Our History ": Interview with Nikolai Panichkin, a local historian from Ussuriysk

Today we will talk about Ussuriysk, one of the most important, regional centers. And today we will talk with Nikolai Panichkin, local historian, native inhabitant of Ussuriysk. 

-Nikolay, can you please tell us how your fascination with the history of Ussuriysk began?

- It started a long time ago. My father was a history teacher. When the first television appeared, the task of one of the editors was to create the film for the anniversary of the city of Ussuriysk. And then I started to travel around the archives of the city to collect new materials about it. I have a primary interest in the pre-revolutionary period, because the beginning of history is always interesting.

- In modern Ussuriysk, tourism thrives - tourists from the APR countries often appear on the streets of the city, often go to the shops. Tell us, have we always had warm relations with the eastern countries?

- After the civil war, when there was an intervention, which was represented by the United States, France and the Japanese, partly by the Chinese, there could be no talk of friendly relations between countries. Therefore, in the first years of Soviet power relations were very strained.

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