Almost 13 thousand citizens visited Primorye by e-visa

Almost 13 thousand citizens visited Primorye by e-visa

Primorsky Krai continues to receive guests using a simplified visa regime to enter the region. Today, the number of travelers who have visited the province thanks to the new mechanism has almost reached 13,000, "Vesti: Primorye" reports with reference to the administration of the region.

At the moment, the electronic visa attracted 12 882 people to the region. Most of them are residents of China and Japan.

"We took 9.4 thousand people from China and 3.2 thousand citizens from the Land of the Rising Sun. This is approximately 98% of the total number of arrivals, "the Frontier Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia for Primorsky Krai underlined.

Also the sights of Primorye with a simplified visa regime met Singapore citizens (127), India (40), Korea (31), Saudi Arabia (14), Mexico (9) Turkey (7), Algeria (5), Iran ( 4), United Arab Emirates (3), Morocco (3), Kuwait (2).

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