Prizes of the international TV festival "Man and the sea — 2018" were delivered to Vladivostok»

Prizes of the international TV festival

A valuable cargo — prizes of the international TV festival "Man and the sea — 2018"was delivered to Vladivostok. Exclusive beacons made of precious wood performed by the famous seaside artist and sculptor Oleg Batukhtin. He was allowed to become the author of the lighthouses for the festival by winning a special competition organized by the GTRK "Vladivostok".

We found Oleg Batukhtin in the workshop. Here very pleasant wood aromas soar and a shaving flies in all directions. The artist will complete the already 20-th beacon. Each prize will be unique and inimitable. Not only according to the master's idea, but also due to nature itself.

- The tree may be a little different, there may be a knot somewhere, it's a natural thing and they decorate.

So, at the machines, Oleg Batukhtin spent a week. That's how much time it took to make 20 prizes.

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