Department of palliative care will be opened in the seaside village of Borisovka

Department of palliative care will be opened in the seaside village of Borisovka

The office of palliative care will be opened near Ussuriisk, in the village of Borisovka. In many respects due to the active introduction of advanced technologies in the urban district. Ussuriisk does not intend to flaunt with exclusivity, and distributes modern equipment throughout the district as evenly as possible.

Palliative care, as a rule, is supported by all possible means of complex patient clinics. Those who suffer from shortness of breath, cardiac, pulmonary, liver failure. In the meantime, the best specialists of the Ussuriisk central hospital are arriving in Borisovka.

Alexander Chekh, chief doctor of polyclinic # 2 at the Ussuriysky Central Bank: "It is compulsory after chemotherapy that the oncologist must go to your department in order to monitor the patient after chemotherapy."

In Borisovka, on the basis of the nursing department, they plan to open a palliative care clinic for 30 beds. A license for specific assistance will be obtained in 2019. But the medical staff is ready to work with patients.

Vladimir Dontsov, head of the structural subdivision of the Ussuriysk Central Bank in the village of. Borisovka: "Our department is calculated for the population of Ussuriysk urban district and plus the adjacent five districts, which are closed to the regional center ... Especially since we are a regional institution, and from other medical institutions will not be denied sick patients."

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