Golden titans as a sign of the Russian city: Preobrazhensky temple of Vladivostok grew to domes

Golden titans as a sign of the Russian city: Preobrazhensky temple of Vladivostok grew to domes

April 12, PrimaMedia. At the construction site of the Transfiguration Cathedral, which has been intermittently being built on the central square of Vladivostok for several years, the active phase of construction has begun again. Now there are masonry works, and in the summer experts of the factory-manufacturer of temple designs from Volgodonsk will install on the top of the cathedral golden domes. According to the architect of the diocese, the ready temple will withstand even the strongest seaside typhoons and will last more than a hundred years. On the construction site of the largest in the near future the temple in Primorye visited. IA PrimaMedia.

As the architect Alexander Kotlyarov, who also designed the Pokrovsky Cathedral in Vladivostok, said, the builders are now working on the brickwork of the walls, and after that they will have to install metal ceilings of the arches. All the materials used, he said, are "domestic and strong."
- The cathedral is built according to the "first category" of responsibility - at least for a hundred years. Therefore, all designs must be reliable. We made calculations even taking into account the hurricane, which happens in Primorye every 80 years. Also taken into account seismic and wet seaside climate, - says Alexander Kotlyarov.

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