AI’s art exhibition opened in Primorye

AI’s art exhibition opened in Primorye

An unusual exhibition opened in the halls of the Primorye’s Union of Artists. The exhibits convince viewers that the fantastic future has already arrived. The author of the paintings is an artificial intelligence.

TONYA is the new painter from FEFU’s school of digital economy. 

TONYA works as a facial recognition system. The computer program was turned into a painter's apprentice - the paintings of local painters were downloaded to its memory. It was easy for the program to identify authors’ styles and typical techniques. And to create something new, TONYA applied her own digital strokes to the photographic background.

TONY searches for the images that the artist sees within himself and portrays on the canvas. Therefore, the work of artificial intelligence is not just mechanical copying. It is an attempt to understand and reproduce the feelings of living people.

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