The exhibition of masterpieces of the Tretyakov State Gallery opened in Vladivostok

The exhibition of masterpieces of the Tretyakov State Gallery opened in Vladivostok

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One of the most important cultural events of the year is the opening of the exhibition of masterpieces of the Tretyakov State Gallery in Vladivostok. The exhibition is titled "City Romance". The exposition has already been shown in several cities of Russia and was popular among citizens. It worth noting that some of the most famous masterpieces were added for the Primorsky region spectators only.


More than 50 paintings made by Russian artists of the late XIX - early XX centuries are exhibited in Vladivostok in the frame of "City Romance" exhibition. All the paintings have the same music theme: violinists, organ-grinders, home music-playing scenes; portraits of beautiful women, who were the muses of poets and composers. It took a lot of effort to organize this exhibition. Packaging, safety, logistics – all these preparations took about half of a year.


Alena Datsenko, director of the Primorsky State Art Gallery: "Such projects require very big investments. We are talking about our Art Fund treasures, and we express our gratitude to the Primorsky Territory Administration, to the Governor of the Primorsky Territory -Vladimir Miklushevsky and to the organizer of this exhibition - Irina Miklushevskaya for supporting this unique project. "


Art experts call this exhibition the"Picturesque Encyclopedia of Russian life". Masterpieces of the Tretyakov State Gallery will stay in Vladivostok Primorsky State Art Gallery until the end of January. Musical evenings will be held in the frame of the exhibition. The best performers of Primorsky region will participate in these musical evenings.

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