"Primorsky region is a territory of friendship": Representatives of expat communities are preparing for the Ethnic Congress in Primorsky region.

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Representatives of expat communities are preparing for the upcoming Ethnic Congress, that will be held in Primorsky region in September. It will be the fourth Congress in our region, this year it will take place on 8th of September, in the center of Vladivostok and probably will gather more participants and visitors than ever before.  Representatives of 158 nationalities live in our region and many of them are willing ti introduce their national traditions.

This splendid show on the shores of Yemar bay near Vladivostok city is just a small piece of a large national Yakuts’ New Year celebration. It is the first time citizens of Republic of Sakha –Yakutia make such a big performance on the shores of the Japan Sea. Delegation of 50 people from Sakha (Yakutia) acquaints inhabitants of Primorsky region with the national traditions.


During such celebrations guests are always served round with national dishes made of horse meat and koumiss. Yakuts’ New Year is a symbol of unity of all the inhabitants of the multinational republic. One of the biggest Yakuts’expat community lives in Primorsky region.

Vladimir Udovenko, horse-breeder, says: "Yakutia is good at horse breeding ... our main profit is from the horse breeding. Our Orlov Trotter – is one of the earliest horse breed.


The first experience of the Yakuts’ New Year celebration had a great success in Primorsky region.


But, holding Sabantuy in Primorsky region is a popular long ago established  tradition. During last few years it is being celebrated in different municipalities of the region. Lots of people come to these festivities, because the Tatar-Bashkir diaspora in Primorsky region is one of the largest in Russia.


During these celebrations guests always have a chance to appreciate the richness of national cuisine, smells of national dishes of Tatars and Bashkirs are mixed with smells of Uzbek cuisines, prepared by old recipes. Dances and folk songs last till late evening during such events.


Akhtyam Hasbiullin, head of the Tatar-Bashkir national society: "Kids there can sing and recite poetry in Tatar, Bashkir and Russian languages, these kids are from mixed families, so we don’t have national conflicts and live in love, peace and friendship. "


Sabantuy is widely and massively celebrated in our region for more than twenty years.


We can also see Cossacks here, Cossacks were one of the first ones who brought  traditions and customs of Russian people to the Primorsky region. Coming to the Far East, they have tried to bring all the traditions, all the richness of vocabulary, all the folklore together with them.

Now there are 14 Cossack communities in Primorsky Region. Cossack summer schools are getting popular among children and their parents. Here kids may get skills of Cossack culture, learn to overcome obstacles.
- The Cossack cannot live without a horse,  the horse is same important as the right hand!


During the upcoming September Ethnic Congress in Primorsky region Cossacks are going to show an exhibition of their folk life. For example, they will bring showpieces from Dalnerechensk museum of Cossack culture and, no doubt, this congress will be graced with Cossack songs!


News source: "Вести:Приморье" [ www.vestiprim.ru ]

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