At the festival "Man and the sea" waiting for the heroes of our time. Video Report Of Olga Katrenko

At the festival

The final part of "Man and the sea", the XV festival of marine television documentary under the brand of "Vladivostok", will be held this year in June. Today, applications are still flying from all over the country, movies are on the Internet waves. Until may 27, you can change any alignment. Especially as in a competitive selection there is a lot of sea. But, it seems, here still wait for the person.

The film "Waiting" — a rare case when the sea in the frame is not at all. But there are people staring at fish, shellfish, even a little mermaid in the Moskvarium. And he is Danya. The young man in the original cap. You can lower it to the eyes and become a little like ichthyander.

Strictly speaking, the application for this work is harsh, I quote: "among the laughter and smiles lost young man"... "he is rejected by society." Yes, why then it took our Moscow colleagues, students of the Institute of film and television? Contemporaries do not notice not only the tribute, and not because he is in a cap, or he is autistic. They don't stamp people. And on this film, sorry. That the main thing for one of 11 million Muscovites. And most importantly for Dani — to see Juliet.

For her — bald, charismatic, fun and hardy — the main thing — to get to Kamchatka. Again from Moscow the film, something similar road-movie, road diary. Only this trip of photo and videographer Julia Darkova from the Kamchatka Peninsula to the coast of Chukotka on an inflatable catamaran. She does everything herself: wins the competition for the far Eastern stage of the Baikal—Alaska expedition, prepares food for men in the sea for five weeks, sees whales, experiences the fall of the mast, a storm, the tide.

And the little things that the sea wolves, and even tourists-climbers seem banal, from the female lips — a real discovery. Polispast — a device for pulling, as now, stuck in the tidal Sands of the catamaran... And the fire, already fading in the ocean water. Least of all here Julia, herself tested for survival.

There is ice captain Yuri Kuchiev. The first one to take the nuclear ship to the North pole. But to the iconic point released not in the captain's cap, and in the flight helmet. Though a powerful figure, he still loses this ice, this "Arctic", even time. And like Ossetia, the birthplace of the hero. The streets, which went about of the sky, which looked, dreaming about high. Sergey Zemlyansky for many years he is in the organizing Committee, still believes that the new festival will tell strong stories about the Man.

Sergei Zemlyansky, member of the organizing Committee of the festival of marine documentary "Man and the sea": "these People are, they just need to find. We need to see beyond the power of the ocean, with the beauty of the sea. We need to see the power of those people who are connected with the sea."

From 14 to 16 June festival program will see all of us. It, as always, will be held on the site of the cinema "Ussuri".

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