Maxim Gorki Theater opens new theater season

Maxim Gorki Theater opens new theater season

27th of March is World Theater Day. It is celebrated not only by actors, directors and stage workers, but also by the audience. For them, the artists of the Gorky Theater prepared a special gift.

The new theater season will surprise the audience. In October the premiere of the Great Gatsby will take place on the stage of Maxim Gorki Theater.

On 21st of April a group of American directors, a director-choreographer, and her husband a playwright, will work on an extremely experimental show, with choreography, drama.

In June, the artists will go on tour to Armenia. It will be the first time for the theater actors.

In theatrical baggage - "Eugene Onegin", "Edith and her demons," "12 chairs."

But the best gift for the actors is, of course, the love of their viewer. Feedback. Whether it is laughter, tears or loud applause.

Theatrical feast will last until the end of the week.

On Saturday on the stage of Maxim Gorki Theater will be the benefit performance of the actor's song, David Tukhmanov, Alexandra Pakhmutova melodies will be performed. Artists will perform hits, which everyone knows. Moreover, in different languages.

At the benefit of an actor's song almost all the tickets were sold. They expect that the theatre will be full. From 30th of March to the 10th of April artists are welcome everybody to come .

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