SUP-surfers of Vladivostok stole an ice floe

SUP-surfers of Vladivostok stole an ice floe

Fans of SUP-surfing opened the season in the area of Tokarev cat in Vladivostok, reported "Vesti: Primorye" with a link to ahhh!

Like the last four years, they climbed on an ice floe and turned it into a surfboard. However, the traditional scale was not: people gathered less and such a large ice floe, as last year, was not found.

This time, the event attracted about 30 fans of active rest. The gathering was scheduled for 8 am and at 9, after the preparation of the boards, people went to sea. Sappers long failed to find a suitable large ice floe and in the end they chose a small ice "island".

"For the first time, four years ago, when riding Sabah was not very popular, we went out together. Then another time to ride on the ice five of them, and the next year gathered about 40 people-says one of the organizers of the action Vladimir Bulbach. - The furor was last year, when more than a hundred Vladivostok residents" stole " the ice. Then everything happened: the weather and the day off. Today we went out just to look around. The ice just started in the Amur Bay, the water is too cold and large ice floes have not yet sailed to the shore."

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