In Vladivostok opened an adventure Park "Cosmodrive". Video Report Of Olga Artemova

In Vladivostok opened an adventure Park

In Vladivostok, an adventure Park for children and adults "Cosmodrive"was opened. For the first time in Primorye, you can train an astronaut in a scientific and entertaining way, test yourself on gravity, communicate with the real conquerors of the universe and send a message to different planets. Where are all these amazing things?

In this world, both the smallest and older children, even adult Primorye people do not just look at the exhibits of the space science city. They go on the milky way, plunging into star clouds. And get acquainted with the achievements of terrestrial scientists, without much gravity, as is the case with complex subjects, rather, with pleasure.

- Very cool, there is a lot of space, you can run and meet everyone!

Here stand on the space scales to understand how easy you are on different planets. Learn why astronauts take a stew, immersed in optical illusions. In the final, everyone receives a mandatory certificate of completion of star training.

Svyatoslav Batuev, Manager of the space Park "Cosmodrive": "Children are very interested but will learn something new in a playful way, adults also. And walk around Jupiter, and send your voice to Mars, visit virtual reality, the international space station, and more."

Recall that "Cosmodrive" is open on the second and third floors of the shopping and entertainment complex "Sedanka city". The stars will wait here for curious Primorye until January 8.

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