«The history of the region»: Lazovy mountain range

«The history of the region»: Lazovy mountain range

Many landmarks of the region are located in hard-to-reach places, which are extremely difficult to reach with special photography equipment. The crew of «Vesti:Primorye» managed to make unique footage of the caves of the mountain range, that was a sea reef millions of years ago.

The Lozovy mountain range is one of the largest uplands in the Primorsky Territory. There are 18 mountain ranges in Primorye. Lozovy (or as it is called - Chandalaza) is located in the south of Primorye between Partizansk and Nakhodka. It is believed that the word Chandalaza is translated literally as "a large long rock". It is reliably known that the Lozovy Ridge is a mountain range that was located on the seabed. This time of the planet belongs to the so-called Permian period of the Paleozoic era. It lasted 47 million years. And then on this part of southern Primorye there was an ancient sea. Lozovsky ridge was then a sea reef. And as a result of gigantic tectonic shifts, this part of the seabed rose and became part of the land.


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