About GTRK "Vladivostok"

An affiliation of FSUE VGTRK "GTRK"Vladivostok" is a modern mass-media complex that unifies four TV channels: Rossiya 1, Rossiya 2, Rossiya 24, Russia K, two broadcasting stations : "Vesti FM"(gamut 89,8 kHz), "Radio of Russia" (wire broadcasting) and web site "Vesti: Primorye" (www.vestiprim.ru www.vestiprim.com www.vestiprim.cn).

News program "Vesti: Primorye "GTRK"Vladivostok"on "Rossiya 1" TV channel has more than 600.000 daily viewers. Our company has been on 24/7 news channel "Rossiya 24"  since 2012. Every morning on weekdays GTRK"Vladivostok is represented by information program on Russia K channel and specialized sport newscasts on "Rossiya 1" channel.  "Radio of Russia. Primorye" is the oldest information channel in the Far East of Russia and has been on air about 80 years.

"Radio Vesti FM. Vladivostok" is the youngest radio station in Primorye that is rapidly gaining popularity.

Web site "Vesti: Primorye" was created in 2003 and now it is the most visited Internet resource among all of the regional affiliations of VGTRK.

The status of the central TV and radio company of Primorskiy region determines the main idea of "GTRK"Vladivostok"— a desire as much as possible to satisfy the interests of the widest viewers layers. TV and radio raitings allow to suggest that nowadays "GTRK"Vladivostok" has high confidence level among its viewers.


Reception: (423) 222-31-08

Editorial office "Vesti: Primorye": (423) 226-43-49, E-mail: news@vestiprim.ru


Historical reference

"GTRK"Vladivostok" is the largest media holding in the Far East of Russia celebrates its own foundation on 28 of July. Broadcasting started to function that day in 1955 (Primorskiy region) on the regular basis. Viktor Nazarenko was an enthusiastic pioneer (also he was an ensign, served as a aeromechanic in Chernigovka) who mounted transceiver that was based on the flying spot and gave it the name: Chernigovskiy telecentre.

The first trial telecast was conducted on 10 of September 1953. It was conducted from the flat of Nazarenko B. E. and was received in the flat of Kvach A.S.

Two years later amateur telecentre started to broadcast regularly.

Gradually, the development of television in Vladivostok had become more massive .

The building of the first telecentre on the height of Orlinaya Sopka (192 m.) started in 1954. A little bit higher It was a mounting of thirty-meter high TV tower. Later on, the studios and special rooms were equipped at the foot of the hill. Viktor Nazarenko mounted the remote control transmitter. Vladivostok television took the seventh place in Russia. That time it didn't function in any of the republics. Started from 1 of January 1956, broadcasts with 2,5 hours length had been shown 5 times a week. A year earlier the telecentre had been taken to the state budget. The state had been consisted of 38 workers.

Since 2005 "GTRK"Vladivostok" has been an affiliate of VGTRK. Today the state of company consists of more than 200 people. They keep the residents of the region updated with all news and events, solve different problems quickly, bring joy with their interesting reports, useful broadcasts and good music.

The TV audience of Primorskiy region

According to "Gallup-Media" the audience of Primorskiy region has the following structure: gender: men-47%, women-53%; age: under 17 y.o.-8%, 18-34 y.o.-17%, 35-54 y.o.-64%, 55 y.o. and older- 39%, with secondary and higher education, with an average income.

Average daily share of TV channels that broadcast in Vladivostok.

The radio audience of Primorskiy region

According to "Gallup-Media" the audience of Primorskiy region looks this way: gender: men-48%, women-52 %; age: 16-24 y.o.-6%, 25-34 y.o. - 14%, 35-44 y.o. - 9%, 45-54 y.o.-25%, 55-64 y.o.-21%, 65 y.o.  and older- 25%. Financial status: with an average income - 44%, low income -28%.

Working population- 53%, unemployed- 47%; social status: pensioners-37%, managers - 20%, and workers- 20%; employees -14%, housewives - 5%, students-4%.


According to the results of research, conducted by "Gallup-Media" company for the period from May to October 2005 radio of Primorye was on the first place in rating among 15 radio stations. In the age group from 16 years and older, radio of Primorye has the largest daily audience share- 88 300 people, it is 17,3% from the total number of people listening to the radio. According to  "Gallup-Media"  research, listening to "Radio of Russia" in Vladivostok has higher indicators in the morning hours when  "GTRK"Vladivostok"is broadcasting: from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.- 37 000 people, from 7 a.m.-8 a.m. - 63 000 people.

Broadcast area

Vladivostok and the whole Primorskiy region (population is about 2 million people).