"Russia K. Primorye" TV channel


National TV channel "Russia K" (previously called "Kultura"(Culture)) was established by Presidential Decree No. 919 on August 25, 1997. Such an outstanding representatives of Russian intelligentsia, as Dmitry Likhachev, Mstislav Rostropovich and other cultural luminaries were the initiators of the channel establishment.

"Russia K" channel broadcasts wide range of programs dedicated to different areas of cultural and social life - music, painting, theater, literature, cinema, science, education and others. The channel produces a large number of its own programs, top experts in the fields of culture and science work on these programs. The channel specializes in programs about Russian and World history, science, literature, music, visual arts and crafts, architecture and so on.

The channel programs include culture news, meetings with interesting people, documentary series, lectures by leading Russian and foreign scientists, programs and discussions on various areas of social life, etc. Significant amount of broadcasting time is occupied by classical music concerts, operas, ballets, music competitions, and so on. The channel transmits many Soviet, Russian and foreign fictional and documentary films of different styles.

"Russia K" channel does not broadcast television advertising in its general sense, but actively announces cultural events, as well as programs which are being transmitted by channel.

Every weekday from 8.00 am to 8.30 am "Vesti: Primorye" program is being broadcasted on the federal TV channel "Russia K. Primorye". According to the TNS Gallup Media Russia agency, "Vesti: Primorye" program has a leading position among all the daily news programs produced by local TV channels.

STRC "Vladivostok" is being aired on "Russia K" TV channel on weekdays from 8.00am. to 8.30am.