January in Primorye was extremely warm and dry

January in Primorye was extremely warm and dry

January in Primorye was extremely warm and extremely dry. As reported by " Vesti: Primorye "with reference to" the weather.ru", the average monthly air temperature was -12 ... -17 °C, in the far North -18...-20 °C, in the southern half -5...-10 °C, which is higher than the norm by 3-6 degrees. All the decades were very warm (2-5 degrees, the third decade 4-8 degrees above long-term values). The air temperature at night ranged from -6...-11 °C in the southern and coastal areas to -24...-29 °C in the Central areas with a short-term decrease to -30...-33 °C. In the daytime, the air temperature was -7 ... -12 °C, at times -1...-6 °C. in the third and last five days of the month, the thaw was observed to 0...+7 °C. in Vladivostok, only on January 18, the average daily air temperature approached the climatic norm (-13,4 °C), the rest of the month exceeded it by 2-10 degrees. In the regional center on January 30 was set a new absolute maximum air temperature on this date- + 3,1 °C (the previous record was held since 1949).

In January, on a large territory of Primorye precipitation was not observed at all. In some areas fell 1-8 mm (2-47 %) and only in places in the North of the region 11-13 mm (59-65 %). Since 2000, in January in Primorye such a deficit of precipitation at extremely high temperature background was not observed. Similarly warm were 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2017. But then there was an excess of precipitation in the region. During 15 days in the region there was an increase in wind up to 15-20 m / s, on some days on the East coast gusts reached 25-27 m / s.

In January, the rivers of Primorye observed winter level regime. In conditions of high daytime temperatures and periodic thaws, the water content of most rivers remained elevated for this time of year. On the rivers there was ice, in some parts of the rivers in the Central areas-with sagebrush. The increment of thickness of ice during the month, most rivers were not significant and amounted to mostly 10-43, see On separate sites of the rivers in the southern half of the region marked ice. Snow cover on the ice is almost absent. There is an uneven distribution of ice thickness — in most rivers of the region it is 49-89 cm, which is close to the norm, in some parts of the rivers up to 30% more than it, in the South-West — up to 20% less than normal. According to the route snow survey of January 31, the height of the snow cover in the mountainous forested areas in the Northern regions of the region is 30-60% of the norm for this period of time. On open field sites in the Central regions of edge snow height does not exceed 1-10 cm, 5-25% of norm. There is no stable snow cover in the southern, Western and Eastern regions. In the conditions of snowy winter overwintering of winter cereals and perennial grasses in the region is unfavorable. The minimum temperature at a depth of 3 cm during the month was -11 ... -17 °C, which can lead to sparseness of crops.

News source: www.vestiprim.ru

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