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Radio station "Radio Russia: Primorye"

 "Radio Russia" is the main State radio station of the country. It has started its work on December 10, 1990. Today, "Radio Russia" is the only federal radio station, which produces all kinds of radio products: informational, sociopolitical, musical, art, scientific, educational and children's programs.

Programs of "Radio Russia" are heard in all regions at low, medium and ultra-short frequency waves.

"Radio Russia: Primorye" is one of the three regional radio stations in the structure of the STRC "Vladivostok". It is a network partner of the "Radio Russia" (Moscow) Federal radio station.

Vladivostok city transmitter: 102,1 MHz
Ussuriysk city transmitter: 106.0 MHz
Nakhodka city transmitter: 101.4 MHz
16 VHF transmitters are located in areas of Primorsky region.

An average age of the audience: 50-60 years old.

Local broadcasting on federal station is conducted daily on weekdays from 6:10 to 13:00 hours and on weekends from 9:10 to 10:00 and from 12:10 to 13:00.

Local weather news – in the beginning, middle and end of an hour.

Horoscope, information on significant dates and events - from 6:00 to 7:00
Local news - in the middle of an hour.
Pieces prepared by correspondents of "Vesti. Primorye" TV channel and radio editorial staff.

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