Narvinsky tunnel was solemnly opened in the Khasan district

Narvinsky tunnel was solemnly opened in the Khasan district
Narvinsky tunnel was solemnly opened for animals and people in the Khasan district. 
This is the first such kind construction in the Russia, which, except of transport meaning also has ecological purpose. It was built to protect the rare population of Amur leopard from transport. Sergei Ivanov, a head of President administration took a part in the opening ceremony of the tunnel.
Sergei Ivanov was the first who passed the first ecological Russian tunnel. And it is not casual: he is the defender of the Far Eastern leopard. In 2011 he learned about the possibility of building a tunnel and supported the idea of building the tunnel.

Sergei Ivanov, head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation: "Next year is announced as the Year of Ecology. We consider that this is early gift. This tunnel is both good for the people and for the wild cats. "

The tunnel is located in a unique place between the reserve "Kedrovaya Pad" and national park "Land of Leopard". Leopards sometimes cant successfully cross the road. So, recently leopard Meamur  was killed by the car. The tunnel will help avoid such tragic accidents in the future: it is spread on different levels of the automotive road and way leopards migration.

Tatiana Baranowska, the director of "Land of Leopard" National Park: "Nine mothers areliving here. And now they will be able to walk across the hill and understand that the this is their home."

The length of the tunnel is 575 meters. It was built with the latest technologes, so that the whole covering inside is fireproof, the building is equipped with a fire prevention system and powerful ventilation.
Tunnel running is a long-awaited event. It was built in three years. The construction cost is 1 billion 800 million rubles. 
When in Russia only began to protect Far Eastern leopards, they was about 30. The population beginning to degenerate. According to the latest census, today 57 leopards is living in Primorye Region. Scientists believe: Narvinsky tunnel will help not only to save the population, but also help to increase it.

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