Primorskiy region athletes won bronze medal in the international competition "Arnold Classic" in the USA

Primorskiy region athletes won bronze medal in the international competition
Arnold Schwarzenegger every year organize international festival of sports and strength. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, strong extreme and armwrestling best athletes take a part in this competition. Famous athlete from Primorye Region became the winner of the most prestigious competitions among the most powerful people in the world.
Alexander Belousov is very known in the United States and South Korea. And he prefers to take a part in the prestigious competitions of world level there. This year Alexander brought a bronze medal and was called like the best arm wrestlers of the planet.

Alexander Belousov, bronze medalist of the international competition "Arnold Classic": "Craig Tuller. He is twentyfold champion in the USA. He took a part in the world competition. He is a titled athlete. In the first day of the competition I won him over, in the second day I relaxed, and he won me. So he got the second prize, and I got third prize. "

Belousov is studying in the sports complex "Youth"in Arsenyev city. He also teach other athletes to do this sport. Sergei Yurchenko, his student, last year won the bronze medal in the world championship among professionals.

Sergei Yurchenko, winner of the World Championship " Arnold Classic "- it is a very famous competition, many titled sportsmen took a part participate in these competitions, and if you can more win prize, it is already a serious level."

Alexander Belousov said his popularity is growing every year.

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