Russian students celebrate japanese New Year together with General consul of Japan

Russian students celebrate japanese New Year together with General consul of Japan

For the Japanese New Year is a very important holiday. Today Russian primary school students and General consul of Japan celebrate New Year together.

KOIDZIRO HARADO, onsul of Education and Culture in the Vladivostok General Japan Consulate: "When you studying the language the most important is learn the culture and habits of this country. Today I celebrate New Year together with Russian students. I would like let them know Japan culture and habits".

Japan New Year is similar with Chinese New Year. It is of the biggest holiday in Japan. Every family decorated their house with coniferous tree. In the New Year's eve night whole family gathering and cooking together, congratulating each other.

Japan consul ask kids to draw SECUBUN.  SECUBUN is the main character of Japanese New Year. SECUBUN is kind of negative character, a devil. And Russian children are not afraid of Japanese devil. On the contrary, when they see him start smiling. When Russian children draw SECUBUN, they painted a smile for him. Therefore instead of scary, he looks that he looks very nice.

BEREZNYAK OLYA, student of Vladivostok  school 51: "I am not afraid of Japanese devil. We need to speak good words to them, encourage them. So that they will have a good temperament".

TACUHIKO KASAYI, General consul of Japan consulate of Vladivostok, "I did't expect Russian children will like SECUBUN devil. Today we celebrated a special New Year holiday".

Japan New Year is similar with the Russian Pancake week. We have pancakes, Japanese have rice in laminaria. But the main meaning of this holiday is the coming of spring, beautiful spring scenery.

Students of Vladivostok school 51 are studying English and Japanese. After graduation, they will be able to speak three languages: Russian, English and Japanese.

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