VLADIVOSTOK ICE RUN marathon will be held in the Primorsky region

VLADIVOSTOK ICE RUN marathon will be held in the Primorsky region
21the of February VLADIVOSTOK ICE RUN international marathon first time will be held in the Primorsky region Novik bay. Sportsmen from 15 Russian regions, France, Netherlands, Japan, China and South Korea will take a part in this marathon.

YULIA VELBIK, representative of Vladivostok government administration: "The most important thing is to overcome yourself."
There will be 5 km,10 km or 21 kilometers distance. In the whole distance will be a heating station. Emergency department workers and policemen will ensure the safety of the sportsmen. The insurance of every sportsmen is 100 thousand roubles. At finish sportsmen will get a medal, HONOR brand souvenirs. Marathon prize fund is 200 thousand roubles. More than 80 people have already registered in the marathon. There will be about 500 sportsmen participating in this competition.
KONSTANTIN BOGDANENKO, organizer of marathon: "This marathon is a kind of international activity, China, South Korea, Japan, northeast asian countries, France, Netherlands sportsmen will participate in the marathon".
The marathon official website for registration is www.vladivostokice.run. Date of the game is 21st of February. The place is NOVIK bay. 
Everyone can support the athletes. There will be a bus every half hour from FEFU to Novik Bay.

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