"New economy of Primorye". Interview with the participants the Opening Ceremony of the warehouse class "A" in Primorye

It is TV interviews series which our correspondents recorded with members of the opening ceremony of the first warehouse complex in Primorye "A" class.

It is located on the territory of the Artyom district. This project is a real embodiment of the realization of new mechanisms, which are making for the development of the new economy of Primorye.

Primorye first vice-governor of Vasily Usoltsev told to the reporters about its legal basis at the level of federal laws and regulations.

Vasily Usoltsev:

"We have three kind of laws which are seriously support business. First is Free port of Vladivostok, the second is the law about the territories of the socio-economic development. The third is the special economic zone. As for the Law on Free Port Vladivostok today we have large number of applications, and residents of transport - logistic area already got the certificates.

This is explained by the fact that the Primorye Region has geographical and economic benefits, is located on the edge of our country. Therefore the first warehouse complex class "A" is an event for the Primorye Territory.

We are very glad that one of the first investor is Primorye investor. The transport and logistics sector take more than 18 per cent of the regional product. This year we already registered 8000 companies, it is four percent more compared with the previous year.

About 164 billion rubles take the services and products produced by the sector. It is enough significant contribution to the economy of Primorye and the whole Russia as well.

First of all now we are making the infrastructure of the territories of the economic development, build roads very quickly, gasifying, making electricity, water, sewer. This is the first steps we need to do for the investors start to work.

We guarantee our investors that within the period indicated in the agreements, all of this will be there. 4 billions per one territory of the economic development, 4 billions for another territory of the economic development. Local government will allocate the half this sum, a half is federation government. Therefore, we can assure investors that all work will be done in time. "

The new warehouse complex provides new opportunities for the development of renters business who are ready to fill its platforms now. But the owner of the complex plans to reach the full capacity only by 2025.

Bogdanenko Constantine, Director of the "Aviapolis Yankovskiy":

This is the best modern warehouse complex. It is high, bright and its floors are intended for big loading from the passing machines.

In this complex you can organize logistics services, logistics activities, based on the latest technology, and which are necessary for the large companies who are working for the economy on their logistics.

Today of 55 thousand square meters of the whole rented space only 5 percent is vacant. Everything else has been already rented.

Company Kari, Mir Upakovki are some of the significant residents of the warehouse. It is already the third warehouse.

It is the largest, modern and most modernized warehouse. By the way, the fourth building, which will be built next to it, it will be even more cheaper but much more better. "

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