Seaside heat favors beekeepers

Seaside heat favors beekeepers

Natural anomaly in Primorye. Linden is still blooming! So for an indefinite time the season of honey collection was prolonged. The question is whether it is good or bad, is not yet worth it. Beekeepers use any hot day to replenish stocks of useful Goodies.

Nikolay Kovalchuk, veteran of labor:"in order for the honey to be good, Mature, it should be like this — half the frame is sealed."

As long as he can remember, he was on Board. That's right, in the taiga. 68 years only professional beekeeping experience at Nikolay Kovalchuk. In fact, he and the hunter, and rhizome noble. Ginseng plantation, the largest in the region, and kept in the taiga, and next, in his own garden. Here and apiary. Family business: swing with the eldest son Victor.