Brown bear

Brown bear

Brown bear is a symbol of Russia. Russians always consider the bear as the forest king, because it is intelligent and very strong animal.

The brown bear has a large head, with small ears and small, deeply set eyes. Its tail is very short - about 2 cm. Paws are very strong with 10 cm claws, which helps them to dig the dens. The brown bear seems sees very clumsy, but in fact, he runs very fast, jumps high and swims well. In the forest brown bears move cautiously and almost noiselessly.

Taiga is the home for brown bear. A brown bear is an unstable animal. In one place he eats, in the other he sleeps, to find a female bear it can go very far from his home.

By the autumn the bears eat very much and become very fat. In winter they fall asleep and don’t need any food or drink. If in the summer the bear was not eating well, and is not enough fat, then in winter he can awake and go to find some food. Such bears are very dangerous.

Brown bear has not any serious enemy. The period of their life is 35-50 years.