The northernmost tiger ever captured by a photo trap

The northernmost tiger ever captured by a photo trap

A photo trap captured an Amur tiger on the coast of Wrangel Bay in Khabarovsk Krai, not far from the Shantar Islands. In the modern history of observations, this is the northernmost point of the region where the rare predator has been recorded. The unique pictures have been taken by photographer Mikhail Korostelev. 

"In Wrangel Bay we watch bowhead whales and live in a camp on the shore. There's taiga all around. And for the last three years I have been setting up a photo trap in the taiga, taking pictures of different animals: brown bears, reindeer, foxes, etc. - Mikhail Korostelev comments. - This year, when I left, I left the trap for another month. When I was leaving at the end of the season, a friend took the trap and brought it to me. What was my surprise when I looked through the catch and saw a tiger in one of the frames! ». 

What made the Amur tiger travel so far north? In most cases, young tigers and males leave their range if they have lost their home range for some reason and failed to displace their neighbors.