«The Pulse». The main hospital of Pozharskii area

«The Pulse». The main hospital of Pozharskii area

How do doctors work in remote villages of Primorye? 

Unfortunately, some doctors have to work for several villages. The amount of patients can be up to 800 people. Sometimes, as it can be difficult to get to some remote villages, doctors need to work and try even harder to help people living there. 

Galina Petrovskaya, local feldsher, says that with modern technologies, it became very interesting to work and learn something new, but it does not come easy because of her respectable age. She worries about her patients, whom she will have to leave soon. 

Many local doctors were born and raised in this region, so they feel a special connection to the places where they work now. 

After last year visit of the governor of Primorye, the hospital received new equipment such as mammographs. 

Also, the hospital plans to create a special area for children with disabilities. 

新闻来源: www.vestiprim.ru