"The new economy of Primorsky region." Prospects of aquaculture development in Primorsky region.

Troica Bay in Khasansky district of Primorsky region is one of the most significant places of the aquaculture development in the whole Primorsky region. April is a busy month for marine farmers. At this time, they are sowing marine farms. Only after a year and a half, todays sowing will give yields. 12 thousand cages with scallop fry give about 120 tons of scallop meat.


Pacific oysters are also there. Pacific oysters have already replaced imported ones. This oysters are very popular in Moscow, but it is very difficult to deliver living oyster to Moscow, because distance it too big. Chinese also like our oysters, they usually buy frozen and canned ones.


For seven months of 2016 aquaculture farms in Primorsky region managed to achieve good results: more than four thousand tons of scallops, sea cucumbers and sea urchins are produced in legal sea farms. These results show the growth of industrial production of seafood. For example, in 2015 the volume of sales of aquaculture products has increased by more than 12%. Aquaculture products are very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Four hundred thousand hectares in the waters of the Peter the Great Bay are suitable for establishment of marine farms. But industrial sites  can be arranged only on one hundred and forty hectares The remaining 260 thousand hectares are part of protected areas, seaport, specific regime areas. All these areas are subject to the certain limitations. And it is now officially impossible to grow bio-resources in this waters. Therefore, for the further development of aquaculture farms in Primorsky region, it is necessary to begin the process of revising the boundaries of restricted areas.


Topic of aquaculture development in Primorsky region has been widely discussed during the First Eastern Economic Forum. Foreign partners are ready to invest in the development of marine farms. The most promising types of acuaculture in Primorsky region are Far Eastern sea cucumber, scallop, gray sea urchins, kelp, Pacific mussel, Pacific oyster. The main point investors are interested in cultivation of aquatic organisms in Primorsky region is local environment. Therefore, mariculture products from Primorsky region are popular abroad.


However, as was pointed out during the East Economic Forum, the main problem of the development of mariculture in Primorsky region is that it is hard to obtain the area for the cultivation of aquatic organisms. According to experts, only administrative solution can solve this problem, it is possible to bring a system of auctions for the sale of water areas for aquaculture development.


This problem solvation can assist in development of new types of aquaculture.  For example, for already a few years, unique factory in the suburbs of Vladivostok catches, processes and exports Rhopilema - jellyfish. Chinese are actively buying them.


During fishing season, one day export is about dozens of tons. But this is not enough. The head of the factory informed, that they have already took out a patent for invention of organic selenium drawing from the Rhopilemas. We almost don’t get selenium from the daily food, and it is possible to find only chemical selenium in the pharmacies. Maybe in a few years, this factory will produce food, drinks and vitamins made of most valuable Rhopilema jellyfish.


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