Vladivostok airport changes its name

Vladivostok airport changes its name

Vladivostok airport changes its name. The name will be longer and weightier.

It will have famous name. The national project involves 45 cities. And each region will now have its own cultural and historical brand. Voting has already started. Now Primorye choose new airport names.

In the so-called long-list of 10 great names: statesmen, writers, scientists, admirals and musicians.

Everyone is somehow connected with the life of the region. By the way, Primorye can offer their candidacy. It will be confirmed in the list if more than 500 people vote for it.

The full list of names of applicants on the official website of the project, in social networks and on the portal vestiprim.ru.

Not only electronic platforms are open for voting - you can fill in the questionnaire at the railway and air terminals of the region.

Just a week to select the top three names. In the first positions is Muravyev-Amursky surname.

Voting will take place in two stages. The results will be announed on 5th of December.

新闻来源: www.vestiprim.ru